Viñalba Cabernet Sauvignon

Mendoza is renowned amongst wine lovers because its high altitude and long summers mean that the wines have wonderfully pure tasting fruit, and the Viñalba Cabernet Sauvignon is a great example of this. The wine is made to capture the beautiful purity of the grapes and get as much of that flavour as possible into the bottle. It is rich and full bodied, with juicy cassis and black cherry flavours and a smooth succulent finish.

Vineyards & Viticulture

The soils in our vineyards are clay loam and have very good permeability. The vines grown in the foothills of mountain ranges, more than 950m above sea level. The vines are 15 years old on average with yields of 60hl/ha. Our Viñalba Cabernet Sauvignon vines come from high-quality massal-selected vineyards. Our vineyards use low frequency irrigation for controlling vigour and sun exposure to produce high-quality grapes.


The grapes are harvested in late March and early April by hand into small trays of 20kg to prevent damage and then meticulously sorted in order to select the best grapes for this wine. Cold maceration takes place for 5 days before fermentation. Fermentation at controlled temperature of 25 °C with three pump-overs per day.

Product Details